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A simple way to get started as a 3D Printing Service
⚪ Instant Price Quotation
⚪ 3D Print Order Management System
Starts at $1800/year
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For small teams looking to boost their workflow automation.
All Free features, plus:
⚪ Customizable User Journey
⚪ Project Management
⚪ Supply Chain Management
⚪ Discount Management
Custom pricing
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For companies seeking enterprise-grade workflows,controls, integrations, and support.
All Free features, plus:
⚪ Mobile App
⚪ Printability Check
⚪ Large Files Support
⚪ Model Version Control
⚪ Financial Overview
Full feature matrix
⚪ Instant Price Quotation
Pricing Flexibility
Printability Check
Powerful 3D model handling
Theme & Appearance
⚪ 3D Print Order Management System
Workflow Management
Project Management
Automated Invoicing
Order Fulfilment Process
⚪ Communications
Collaborative Environment
Contact Management
Notification Management
Marketing Tools
Conversion Rate Tracking
Leads and Opportunities Management
Campaign Management
Get a 360-degree overview of your customer
Uptime ROI Calculation
Real-time RFM matrix
Free Business Enterprise
Free Business Enterprise
Bounding Box
Part Count
Bounding Box
Wall Thickness
Mesh Integrity
Rich Format Support
Model Version Control
Large Files Support
High Fidelity 3D Viewer
Mobile App
Customizable User Journey
Bulk Mode
White Label
AM Workflow Patterns
Supply Chain Management
Workshop Management
Task Assignment
Activity Log
Due dates & SLAs
Access Control
Discount Management
Tax Management
Credit System
Financial Overview
Pickup Scheduling
Flexible Shipping
Payment Integration
Chat & Comments
Document Management
Customer Report
Customer Segmentation
Customer Activity Log
Email Notification
Push Notification
How do I get started?
You're on the Free plan by default when you sign up. For teams just starting out with 3D printing services, the Free plan is ideal. For more advanced customization and automation, check out our Business or Enterprise plans.
What is included with the Free plan?
You can create your own website and direct your customers to upload 3d models, get price quotations, and place orders.
Will my free plan remain free forever?
Sure. you can run your online 3d printing price quotation system and manage your 3d printing orders free forever. Plans grow with your business.
Is my data secure?
The security of your data is one of our top priorities. We constantly improve our business to keep you safe. If you want to learn more about data security on, ask your questions by contacting directly.
Is it possible to develop a personalized feature for my business?
Yes. We are an agile team improving Layers on a weekly basis eager to fit it to the needs of our users, most of our new features are first discovered and requested by our customers.
Where is the Layers team located?
Layers is an Estonian-based startup. Our Headquarters is based in Tallinn,Estonia although our design and developement team consists of people all around the world.