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Poweful Tools for 3D Printing Services

Comprehensive business management solutions designed for 3D Printing Service providers and digital fabrication shops.

Your user is at the center of your business

User Centered 3d Print

Keep your users informed during the ordering process

Once an order is placed, both you and your customer can exchangemessages in real time.This facilitates smooth communication and ensures everyone is on the same page.

Layers App Order Modal

Supply Chain Management at Your Fingertips

Whether you handle 3D print orders internally or outsource them, Layers is the complete supply chain management solution.

3d Print Service Supply Chain

Balancing Prices & Operational Costs

Most 3D printing service bureaus struggle to balance price and operational costs due to the complexity of 3D printing service pricing. With Layers, you can do this easily and professionally.

3d Print Price Cost


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