In recent years, Additive Manufacturing has experienced quite an uprising. Once considered as a consumer technology, additive manufacturing has now developed into a practical industrial manufacturing solution.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is becoming more popular as a manufacturing method and materials become more available, which can make it difficult for people to find the right system for their specific application.

This article examines the top 6 Additive Manufacturing quoting softwares in 2021 and also inspects important factors to consider when deciding on a pricing system for the Additive Manufacturing workshop, as well as a review of the available software packages.



A native SaaS platform for intelligent Additive Manufacturing, integrates smart data management and collaboration tools with intelligent Additive Manufacturing.

You can quickly and easily address challenges regarding your Additive Manufacturing workflow with, which helps you solve complex, precision design, and manufacturing challenges. enables the simple, fast organic design to 3D printing.




A platform for design, prototyping, and production services, MakerOS unifies design, prototyping, and cloud management into one.

MakerOS is a platform for efficiency. The tool is specifically used by product development teams to effectively manage their day-to-day activities to:

● Save time

● Grow bottom lines

● Simplify the workflow from 6 apps to just one


With extensive experience in Additive Manufacturing and technology, Link3D’s leadership team brings a wealth of comprehensive knowledge to the company.

They share the vision and mission of tackling production’s toughest challenges.

The company is dedicated to transforming the future of Additive Manufacturing.


Founded in 2014, 3YOURMIND is dedicated to bringing Additive Manufacturing to a broad audience.

Their first years were spent adding enterprise customers, including Siemens Energy, DB, and Volkswagen.

Their focus on enterprise production allowed them to build software that is ready for the future of manufacturing.

From 2020, Agile Manufacturing Software Suite offers modules that optimize AM workflows throughout the value chain.

In this way, their customers have transparency and scale that benefits the industry as a whole.

3YOURMIND is headquartered in Berlin, the startup capital of Europe. Their office buildings, programming and project management teams, customer success teams, marketing teams, and sales teams are in Berlin.

Since 2017, they have opened business and project management offices in Paris, Munich, Novi, MI, and San Francisco.

The 65+ members of the team include experts with years of experience in Additive Manufacturing as well as young, innovative talent.


AMFG offers MES and workflow software that allows the management and scaling of Additive Manufacturing operations.

Based in London, their software is used by businesses looking to expand their AM operations and begin their journey towards digital transformation.

The software provides a complete workflow solution for businesses to establish connections, scalable AM processes throughout their organization and supply chain with the aid of machine connectivity and software integrations.


DigiFabster is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that automates quoting, order entry, and customer service for advanced manufacturing companies through cloud-based tools.

The company’s software is used by hundreds of companies across the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

In addition to a strong team of experts with more than 50 years of experience in software development and implementation, DigiFabster also offers a variety of business services.

As a California-based company with offices in key markets, DigiFabster is easy to reach even for the most demanding of customers.