As a result of 3D printing’s easy-to-use phenomenon and its reasonable prices, more and more people and businesses are using this tool for different purposes. You may want to add a 3D printing service to your company as well. Here is some basic information you need to know before you get started. First of all, you need to know about the themes and plugins needed to do this job:

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source website maker and you can easily create your own web address using different available templates. WordPress has different themes and plugins that are customizable and are developed to help you add new features to your web address and website. Below we can explain what these features are and get you familiar with different available themes and plugins useful in changing your WordPress into an online 3D printing shop.

WordPress 3D Printing theme vs plugin

WordPress themes and plugins are two completely different tools. Themes are usually associated with the appearance of your website. For example, a 3D printing theme can help you create the pages needed for a 3D printing website, such as a materials page, a 3D printing technologies page, and etc.

Plugins, on the other hand, are more concerned with the functions of your WordPress site. For example, a WordPress 3D printing plugin helps your users to upload their 3D files and calculate the price of 3D printing. So plugins and themes are very different in terms of usage.

What is a WordPress 3D printing theme?

Each and every website has a theme that should be relatable to the unique content and service it provides; with 3D printing also, there are specific typography and designs that suit you best. The theme for these kinds of websites should be creative and illustrate the modern entity of this business.

There are various websites offering the proper theme and template for your WordPress to make it suitable for offering 3D printing services to your clients. These themes enable your WordPress to offer high-resolution photos of the products and the service you tend to offer. You can choose between different backgrounds, color blends, and signs depicting different currencies and services.

TriPri – 3D Printing Services WordPress Theme

The TriPri is a premium WordPress theme for 3D printing services with eye-catching imagery and clean typography. You can easily create new pages with the Elementor page builder, an integrated drag-and-drop page builder that comes with the theme. Existing pages can also be customized. What makes this theme special? It doesn’t require any coding.

ThreeD Business

ThreeD business is an appropriate premium theme that provides you with the structure, layout, and custom content suitable for 3D printing. The link above is the address of a website that sells this theme and other different related themes.

3D Side WordPress Theme

You can build a project-focused website with the print shop WordPress theme and be sure that it is properly visible. This is achieved through the use of SEO optimization, usable functionality, and a simple yet attractive design. The use of polygon headers can enhance your site’s appearance, whereas blurred backgrounds are meant to highlight your content. A full pack of essential features is included in this responsive theme, including online chat, contact forms, drop-down menus, scroll-to-top buttons, gallery scripts, audio, and video options, and more. In addition, your company will be promoted within social networks by way of sharing buttons on blog pages and icons on the home page.

Print Shop Responsive WordPress Theme 

Virtually all components of the framework can be easily installed using the built-in Wizard plugin. With the Shortcode Template Editor, tailor-made shortcodes can be created. Several blog site and webpage styles are built into the framework.

Print Shop Responsive WordPress Theme 

Virtually all components of the framework can be easily installed using the built-in Wizard plugin. With the Shortcode Template Editor, tailor-made shortcodes can be created. Several blog site and webpage styles are built into the framework.


Have a look at “Printonic” if you want to share your 3D designs with the world but do not have a proper WordPress theme. You can get a website that reflects the work you do with this stylish one page theme for 3D printing businesses. Your printing services should include a description of your printing technologies, the various types of printing you offer, and the details your clients need to know.

3D Printing Technologies WordPress Theme

Many entrepreneurs use 3D printers to create effective prototypes of their products. The theme exhibited here was designed to help their manufacturers boost sales. Using its elaborate design, companies can present information about themselves, their products, and upcoming events prominently on their homepage. The combination of a modern slider, a light background, and a gray background will give a sophisticated touch to the website and, therefore, the image of the company being promoted. The company will appear to produce high-tech devices, which will encourage potential customers to place an order. Manufacturers will be able to get a large profit out of their business by advertising 3D printers on platforms built with this theme.

3DPrint Lite

This plugin is for you if you have a 3D printer and would like to charge for model printing.

In the admin area, the site administrator configures printers, materials, and pricing. The customer uploads their models, chooses the printer and material, sees a price estimate, inputs their email address and comments, then presses the “Request a Quote” button.

An administrator receives the request notification by email and sends the quotes through the Price Request Manager or discards the request.

Woo 3D Viewer

Another integrated WooCommerce plugin is Woo 3D Viewer. The plugin enables customers to change settings for their models and scenes, background colors, and shadows. Transparency and shine can also be changed. Alternatively, they can make payments directly from the website and request a quote if the estimated price matches their budget. There is a free and a pro version of Woo 3D Viewer, just like 3D Print. With the free version, WooCommerce is integrated along with STL and OBJ support. In contrast, the Pro version offers multiple product support functions and model repair features. As an option, Pro version users can also choose to show a WEBM or GIF instead of a 3D model in order to speed up loading on mobile devices, as well as protect their models from unwanted downloads.

This plugin is a visual shortcut builder with adjustment features for background light, shadows,etc. This plugin can be used alongside calculation plugins to modify your WordPress into a 3d printing shop.

Phanes 3DP Calculator

Using the Phanes 3DP plugin, you can convert your WordPress or WooCommerce website into an online store that sells 3D printing services. A number of features are provided by the easy-to-use plugin, which includes both free and paid modules. Instant Quotes and Checkout Options are available to customers, to begin with. Clients can upload only STL files for viewing the final 3D product on the website. There is no commission taken by the makers of the plugin for the products you sell through it. Unfortunately, the free module only accepts payments through PayPal. Besides, it only supports the USD, EUR, Yen, British Pound, Chinese Yuan, and Australian Dollar. If you want to accept Stripe payments as well, you can upgrade to a premium subscription that costs $14.95 per month. In addition, it allows you to receive all major currencies, including the Hong Kong dollar, New Zealand dollar, and Thai baht.

How is layers different from the provided plugins?

Layers is a platform that is exclusively designed to aid you in your 3d printing business. You can have an exclusive web address or have a dedicated subdomain on Layers and provide your customers with a variety of options like getting instant quotes, placing orders, and different payment methods all in a single integrated web platform designed for 3dprinting businesses.

  1. Layers provide you with a Customizable user journey; it means customers do not need to necessarily know about coding nor do they need to use a translation method to help them with translating codes. Any client regardless of their background can use this as it is very simple and easy to use
  2. It helps you manage your projects: You can have numerous projects and manage their details and developments simultaneously
  3. Supply chain management tools enable you to maximize your product value and remain as sustainable and efficient as possible 
  4. You can manage discounts; this way you can define a discounting system based on different order parameters to remain successful in the competitive job market  
  5. Most plugin services only support basic currencies while our team designed a system that provides service of each and every currency. No matter where your clients are, they can easily access their preferred currency 
  6. Your clients  can easily get an instant quote and you do not have to calculate the price in-house like many other platforms; we try to keep a user-friendly experience for all of your users
  7. Layers is exclusively designed to help you build a user-friendly experience with your customers; it is not an added plugin but a unique platform for this purpose as a result it is quicker and much more practical
  8. Using layers, your customers can add multiple different models at the same time for price quotation.

Layers is a user-centered platform with an agile team releasing new features with every update regularly based on user feedback and needs.