3D printing quotation is one of the main needs of 3d printing services customers. 3D printing workshops that have instant quoting software can win the game.

By allowing your users to receive the price of 3D printing at any time, you can scale your business.

There are many factors to consider when choosing an online 3D printing quotation software.
In this article, we want to examine the important factors in choosing a suitable pricing system for the 3D printing workshop and also review the well-known software available in the market.

Important features that every 3D printing quotation software should have:

The most important aspect of 3D printing software is the preciseness of quotation and how instant this process is. There are however other features that a 3D printing software is able to provide alongside its price calculation capabilities. 

In the competitive market, providing the customers with a quick price quotation is more than important. This software should be able to calculate the price based on the model, material, and the time consumed for its printing process. It also must be precise as it can not be modified after the printing process is over; as a result, customers need to get an accurate price calculation before they decide to place an order; so all the details should be taken into account.

First of all, the possibility and ease to interact with the 3D printing process; this software must be able to analyze 3D models that could be used in instructions used for 3D printing.

Another important factor is model printability, there are modeling platforms to enable you to check if the model is printable and repair it if needed before printing. 

Last but not least, the software should be user-friendly as we want to focus on physically producing the object through 3D printing.

Now let’s take a look into some of the most known software in this area:

There are two main types of 3d printing price quotations systems which are distinct in fundamental ways:

Manual 3D Printing Quote Softwares

This is the type of normal everyday 3d printing softwares which most workshops already are using in their workflow.
These quoting softwares are the most versatile and reliable option, they are usually part of a 3d printing slicer software that also generates g-code for 3d printers and offers basic 3d model editing tools. Although these softwares are reliable and accurate, they come at a great cost.
Pricing manually on an offline 3d printing slicer software needs to be done in-house for each order, this will take up massive resources and costs which make scaling up a very hard and risky process for manufacturing workshops.


Cura is an open-source “slicing application” for 3D printers. Cura calculated the price of the products based on the time consumed, weight, and material used in the process of 3D printing. Cura is used by a large number of people around the world and it can be used for different types of printers. Cura also has a slicing engine that prints the aimed profiles very easily, besides the quotation service it provides.

It also provides you with recommended profiles that had already been tested.

It gives you access to a mode called “custom mode” in which you have access to more than 400 settings for granular control. There is a free and premium version in which they provide you with different features.

Simplify 3D

Another software in 3D printing is Simplify 3D, price quotation is one of its major use.It also instantly calculates the price of a product which is aimed to be printed instantly and precisely, taking its various properties. This software which is supported in English, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese is a software that translates models into printable instructions.


Slicer is also another software used by many 3D printing businesses. It is basically more of a slicing tool but it also offers price calculation service, taking the material, time consumed and the weight and size of the product which is meant to be printed into account.; this software reads 3D models ( supported formats include: STL, OBJ, AMF, 3MF) and it converts them into printable instructions for 3D printers.

Materialise magics

Materialise magics is another software that makes the 3d printing operation a lot easier; providing instant price quotation like other recommended software is also available alongside other features like giving you access to make different changes from small edits to wall thickness to generating support structures for the entire build; things that would be time-consuming or almost impossible without an appropriate platform or software. Simplifying data and building operations with one easy-to-use solution is another thing this software does.

Online 3D Printing Quotation Platforms

In contrast to offline quotation softwares, online 3d printing quotation softwares can be implemented on web and cloud and can be easily accessed and used by customers themselves.
This will give workshops a great advantage both on resource management and on customer satisfaction.
Customers can instantly get their price quotations based on infinite different choices without the need to wait for a response from an operator.
Customers will usually be able to place their order on the same platform used for pricing which also gives a substantial boost to your conversion rate.  

By allowing your users to receive the price of 3D printing at any time, you can scale up your business easily. There are many factors to consider when choosing an online 3D printing quotation software.
In this part, we will examine the important factors in choosing a suitable online quotation solution for a 3D printing workshop and also review well-known softwares available in the market.


AMFG provides instant quotations based on material preferred by customers, the time consumed and the general aspects of the intended product like weight, volume, and quality. Customers can view the 3D-designed product from different angles and place orders. This online platform is a workflow software for additive manufacturing, enabling you to achieve an automated process in your 3D printing business. The main focus of this software is large manufacturers like the Automotive industry.


Layers is an all-in-one web-based platform designed solely for 3d printing workshops around the world.
With Layers, you can manage online orders, attract online customers and build an online web-based workshop all in one platform and through your customized domain.
Layers have a powerful built automated 3d printing cost calculator which can provide instant 3d printing quotations based on various pricing methods and different material settings.
Unlike most other cloud-based 3d printing software, Layers has a free subscription plan which gives your customers basic capabilities of an instant quotation system and empowers your workshop with the complete order management system designed exclusively for 3d printing bureaus.  


This platform also offers tools that calculate the price of customers’ orders. Like other aforementioned software, this online and easily accessible platform provides your customers with a price quotation based on different aspects and qualities of the intended product. This platform also has many other different traits as well; it automates quoting systems, gives you access to a client portal, it has a 3D viewer and a payment gateway. You can easily manage your projects using this platform.

[UPDATE] Shapeways Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:SHPW) made an acquisition that has generated significant interest in the business world. In a strategic move that occurred after the first quarter of 2022, Shapeways Holdings, Inc. successfully acquired MakerOS, Inc., expanding its portfolio and capabilities. In fact, the services of MakerOS have been stopped now.



This platform also easily calculates prices online as well. It is an online sales automation software designed for 3D printing enterprises with the possibility to use your own domain and project management features.


Digifabster can also generate quoting and pricing of different orders and intended products of different qualities and features. It provides online service to numerous manufacturers and online shops through quote generation, converting leads, and production process management.